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E-mail Marketing

Email is the primary channel for repeat sales. Its share among other income-generating channels is up to 30%. 

For those great results reaching, fast and cost-efficient, you should ask for the support of such a professional email marketing agency as we.

We take care of the whole process - from  developing an email marketing strategy to writing high-quality commercial texts. Set up automatic emails and launch engaging email campaigns.

The Advantages Of Email Marketing
Channel For The Business:


Earn additional profits, and make email one of your main sales channels


Expand the client segment of your business


Increase your website's conversion rate


Receive an additional source of leads based on loyal customer’s 

How Do We Make Email Marketing Work?


1. We develop and plan an individual strategy

For successful email marketing campaigns, it's crucial to begin with strategic planning. We start by clearly defining your goals, identifying your target audience, and determining your essential message. Then consider the purpose of your email, whether it's to promote a product, share important news, or foster customer relationships. With thoughtful planning email marketing, your message will effectively achieve your desired outcomes.


2. Creating contacts collecting methods and forms

Your website is your primary lead generation tool. And e-mail is an excellent channel for working with leads. We will ensure that your website visitors want to leave their contact. And then, we'll convince them to make their first purchase or service booking with a welcome email series.


3. Content creation 

Our experts will create captivating email content with an attention-grabbing subject line and engaging copy. We can also include visuals to enhance the user experience.


4. Design and layout creation 

We develop a visually appealing and professional email template that aligns with your brand identity. We offer a responsive design to ensure it displays well on different devices.


5. Generating and testing Call to Action (CTA) 

Our team helps generate a clear and compelling call-to-action (CTA) to encourage steps. Then we will make it noticeable with contrasting colors or larger fonts. As it contains the desired action, we ensure it's easy to click and goes to the correct destination.


6. Email personalization according to contacts database segmentation

We personalize your emails by addressing recipients by name and relevant content to improve engagement and conversion rates. Segmenting your email list based on demographics, purchase history, or engagement levels allows for more targeted and personalized communication.


7. Email testing and optimization 

While running an email campaign, it's important to double-check your email for errors, formatting, and 
compatibility before sending it out. We do them all and also provide A/B testing to improve your emails' subject lines, CTAs, and content for better performance in future campaigns.


8. Automate email and conduct regular mailings

We help combine your database with email marketing services, and set up segments for mailings. Automation is the only email marketing setup step that requires a lot of time on your part.

After organizing the data transfer on target actions on your part, we set up automated scenarios:

after subscription;

after registration;

after the purchase;

after other targeted actions on the website;

sales micro funnel emails (abandoned views, abandoned carts, post-sales email);

 letters on events (birthday, particular date);

e-mails by triggers inside the e-mail (for example, clicking on a specific link).

The e-mail marketing automation tools we use allow you to create any scenarios, which means you can 
implement any marketing ideas.


9. Provide tracking, analysis and strategy improvement

While email marketing services provide, we track your email's performance with analytics and provide 
. You will get metrics like open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and unsubscribe rates to gain insights and drive email and general marketing strategy.


Why You Should Include Email Marketing
In Your Marketing Strategy

Our email marketing services are tailored to 
enhance your business growth and maximize ROI. Effective email marketing campaigns can drive customer engagement, generate leads, and 
increase conversions. With our expertise and c
utting-edge strategies, we can help you achieve remarkable results that will outshine your 

Successful email marketing requires ongoing analysis and optimization based on results and feedback to attain better engagement, 
conversions, and overall success.

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Technical Support Team will become your reliable partner and create efficient and profitable  email marketing - from newsletter subscriptions to email chain effectiveness analysis. 

Contact us today!

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